Visio Citrix Stencils

Once of the most important tools for a Senior Infrastructure Architect—Virtualization is Microsoft Visio.  It can be an expensive product (all companies I work for have always provided).  But if you are doing desings and Solution Documents (Deliverables), it is a much needed tool.  Along with Visio, the Stencil Packs are important.  I do a lot of work with Citrix—and recently found a set of stencils from Daniel Feller on his Citrix Corporate Blog.

As a side note—Daniel Fellar is a Lead Citrix Architect with Citrix Consulting.  He blogs often and is a great resource for all things Citrix.  His articles are very complete and very informative!  Follow his blog if you work with any Citrix products.

You can find the Stencil download on Daniel Feller3 sites on this blog entry:“New—XenApp 7.5 and XenDesktop 7.5 Visio Stencils!”.


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